Pollution Assessment, Remediation, Management and Prevention Committee

Pollution Assessment, Remediation, Management and Prevention Committee Purpose:

The Pollution Assessment, Remediation, Management and Prevention Committee  is a forum for lawyers, environmental consultants, and other environmental professionals working in those areas of environmental law that involve soil, sediment, groundwater and surface water contamination, management of waste, hazardous materials/substances and petroleum products management, pollution prevention, and storage tanks. The Committee is committed to providing opportunities to stay on top of current developments in this area, including new regulations, case law, and technology, and to participate in ELULS activities such as seminars, networking events, and the Section reporter.


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J. Chris Herin

Robert N. Hartsell

Robyn D. Neely

Kellie D. Scott

 J.Chris Herin, Co-Chair
Geosyntec Consultants
5901 Broken Sound Pkwy., Ste 300
Boca Raton, FL 33487-2732
E-mail: cherin@geosyntec.com

Robert N. Hartsell, Co-Chair
Robert N. Hartsell, P.A.
2407 S. E. 14th St.
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
(954) 232-4889

Robyn D. Neely, Vice Chair for Publications
Akerman Senterfitt
420 S. Orange Ave., Ste. 1200
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 423-4000
E-mail: robyn.neely@akerman.com

Kelly Scott, Vice Chair for CLE
215 South Monroe Street
Suite 601Tallahassee, Florida

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PARMP Projects:

Upcoming Free Webinars by PARMP:

The Pollution Assessment, Remediation, Management and Prevention Committee is currently planning free webinars:

  • December 2013: “Florida’s 2013 Site Cleanup and Waste Management Rulemaking Overview”

Recent rulemaking in 2013 will significantly affect contaminated site cleanups and solid waste management in Florida. Join us for a free webinar to learn about current Florida DEP Division of Waste Management rulemaking, including extensive changes to the petroleum restoration program, revisions to the contaminated site cleanup rule, and the solid waste management rule.  Updates to DEP’s institutional controls guidance document will also be discussed, along with recently issued DEP guidance on contaminated site closure.

Date:  Thursday, December 19, 2013
Time:  12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

  • To be announced: “Florida’s Cleanup Rule Consolidation for Ch 62-780 FAC  and IC/EC Guidance Manual Changes”
  • To be announced: “Federal and ASTM Changes to Environmental Due Diligence Affecting Floridians”

Other planned CLE topics:

  • Achieving RBCA Contaminated Site Closure Without Conducting Active Cleanup” – The Florida DEP has been very active over the last year to develop new restrictive covenant procedures which can be sued as a cost effective option to address properties containing contamination in soil and groundwater. Using a restrictive covenant to close out a contaminated site in lieu of an expensive complete removal of contamination is becoming easier and more common place. However, the new procedures are still being vetted and interpreted. This talk will: examine how to setup a site to close out contamination with a restrictive covenant (technical and legal aspects); review some of the recent procedural changes; and provide some exemplary case studies.
  • Developing Sites with PAH and/or Arsenic “Contamination” Remaining Onsite” – There are many sites with PAHs and/or arsenic at concentrations above Florida’s cleanup criteria. These conditions have stymied many property transactions and much development. But that is changing. This talk will examine example cases, the pervasive occurrence of these contaminants, the use of anthropogenic background, incremental sampling, technologies to address these contaminants, guiding regulations to obtain closure, and regulatory tools and how to use these to effectively complete transactions and develop sites containing these constituents.

Seminars Given By PARMP:

Lawyers, Consultants, and Clients – The Ethics, Legalities, and Implications of Data Reporting” By Kellie D. Scott, Gunster and William Ware, Geosyntec Consultants.  This program was held at the ELULS Annual Update in August 2013.

“Sea Changes in Solid and Hazardous Waste Regulation and Remediation in Florida”  By: Ralph A. DeMeo and Carl Eldred, Hopping Green & Sams and David Riotte and Chris Herin, Geosyntec Consultants.  This program was held at the ELULS Annual Update in August 2013.

“Ethical Aspects of RBCA Implementation: Who’s on 1st 2nd, or 3rd Base? A PE, PG, or Esq?”  By: James P Oliveros and William D. Preston. This program was held at the ELULS Annual Update in August 2012.“Ethical, Legal and Technical Issues Associated with Reporting Contamination.” By: Daniel H. Thompson and J. Chris Herin. This program was held at the ELULS Annual Update in August 2012.

“Waste Cleanup Regulation Update.” By: Christopher D. McGuire and Joel Balmat. This program was held at the ELULS Annual Update in August 2012.

“E 1903.11 Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase II Environmental Site Assessments Process.” By: Nick Albergo.

This webinar provided an overview of this recently updated Phase II ESA standard.  This free program was held on November 17, 2011 from 12 – 1:30 pm.  Materials coming soon.


Section Reporter Publications by PARMP:

“Proposed ASTM Standard E-1527-13 for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments: New Terminology and Decisions for Environmental Professionals, Environmental Counsel, Sellers, Buyers, and Lenders” by: Robyn Neely, Esq. and Jarrett Bingemann, Esq. with Akerman Senterfitt, and   J. Chris Herin, P.G. with Geosyntec Consultants (June 2013)

“Will Section 12 of Ch. 2012-205 Impact Groundwater Regulations?” by Daniel H. Thompson (October 2012)


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Request for Future Programs

The committee is working to identify potential topics/contributors for upcoming ELULS CLE programs, webinars and Section Reporter publications. If you have ideas/suggestions for future topics, please click here and let us know!