Updated 5/22/2013


To educate and inform ELULS numbers of recent developments in environmental and land use law.



Each edition of the Reporter will typically contain the following pieces:

  • Chair’s Column
  • Feature Article (or 2)
  • Water Management District Updates (one for each District)
  • Case Law Update
  • On Appeal Column
  • Calendar of upcoming Section events (CLEs, Council meetings, etc.)
  • Summary of recent CLE programs
  • Updates from each ELULS Committee Chair
  • Public Interest
  • Affiliate Membership
  • CLE
  • Treatise
  • ABA Liaison
  • Journal
  • Membership
  • Legislative
  • Ethics
  • Access to Justice
  • Internet Committee
  • Council of Sections


The Reporter is expected to be published quarterly. The incoming editors should establish submittal deadlines at the Annual Meeting.



  • Coordinate between the 2 editors.
  • Establish authors for the various articles/pieces.
  • Develop ideas for each edition’s feature article(s) and get commitment from authors.
  • Inform (and remind) authors of the upcoming submittal deadlines.
  • Obtain and edit articles.
  • Forward by e-mail and/or on disk all articles to the Section Administrator for typesetting in Microsoft Word format.
  • Review “galleys” draft and forward any edits to the Section Administrator.
  • Bask in glory of publishing another successful edition.