Legislative Review Committee

Eric T. Olsen, Legislative Forecast/Review
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Tallahassee, FL 32314 6526
E-mail: erico@hgslaw.com

Legislative Review Committee Purpose: The primary purpose of the Legislative Review Committee has been to publish in the Section Reporter previews and summaries of legislation. Secondarily, a legislative policy committee appointed by the chair of the Section, reviews requests for the Section to take a position on legislative matters in accordance with adopted Section and Board of Governor’s policies. (Unanimous approval of Executive Council is required for the Section to take a position on any legislative matter.)

Goals: Inform and educate the members on key environmental and land use legislative issues.


  • Publish a preview of expected legislative issues in the Reporter.
  • Publish an annual legislative summary in the Section Reporter.
  • Include reports/updates on key interim legislative projects and legislatively appointed task forces.
  • Provide an “alert” to rulemaking which is required because of legislation.